PGM Dockmaster

Our world is a vast laboratory. It is a place where we can observe behavior-our own as well as others'. I am continually amazed how some people can be so relentlessly positive, while others can never see the upside of anything. Why do some individuals greet hardship with hope, while others run from success? Oscar Wilde once said, "It is not enough that I succeed, my friends must also fail." Oscar was insecure to a serious degree. Too many people in the world believe that burning down someone else's success will make them look better by comparison. It does not work that way and never will. We must root for everyone to succeed together, for all of us to succeed as we are in this world together. This is part of what makes the Pecan Grove Marina the best.

I hope to see you at the Pecan Grove Marina.

Your Dockmaster
Grosvenor Barber