PGM Dockmaster

Recently a college student came to see me about writing a business proposal on how to build and run a successful marina. I had to opportunity to watch this person grow-up at the Pecan Grove Marina like I watched so many people before him. He had fond memories of going sailing with his parents before going to college. He came down to the marina and followed me on weekdays, weekends and holidays. He asked lots of questions and in turn I would answer with my usual humor. He even followed Lee and John Cox too.

He gave me his proposal and I reviewed it with him. I was truly impressed with what he had derived from watching and listening. He picked up on things like, "you can't accomplish anything big without doing the little things; fundamentals form the cornerstone of any business." But the biggest thing he picked up from watching and listening to us was, "Do what you love, love what you do." I can not agree more with this as it applies to everything we do everyday. Of course, you will never satisfy 100% of any organization but we sure love trying.
By the way, he got an "A" on his proposal with the comments "good summary" from the professor. I am happy for him and his parents that they choose the Pecan Grove Marina.