Boating Distractions


Ahoy Captains,

I hope you smile at the picture I placed in my blog. It was copied from the freeways in Boston to try to get people to signal properly when changing lanes. But in all honesty, do we really use our signal all the time and as much as we should? In truth, the answer is a resounding "No" πŸ™

Being distracted by talking on the phone, adjusting the music, air conditioning, etc keeps all of us from being focused on the road. The same can be said about boating. Please pay attention while in the PGM, entering/existing the channel and be aware of those around you on the water.

I have reference some excerpts from the USCG publication "Navigation Rules". This publication is readily available and should be aboard every vessel. It is easy to use and helps with the understanding of how to handle situations properly.

Please be extra familiar with the following rules:
Rule 2 Responsibility
Rule 5 Proper Look-out
Rule 6 Safe Speed
Rule 7 Risk of Collision
Rule 8 Action to Avoid Collision
Rule 14 Head-on Situation
Rule 34 Maneuvering and Warning Signals

In Rule 34d is an important one to remember: If in sight of one another and either vessel is in doubt as to the other vessels actions, the "Signal of Doubt" or Danger Signal should be sounded consisting of 5 or more short blasts. Also note in Rule 34e, when approaching a bend where another vessel could be obscured "Prolonged Blast"(4-6 seconds) on your ships whistle. The Navigation Rules publication elaborates on each of these to help you understand your responsibilities while operating you vessel. I have a copy of the Rules if you have any questions.

I want you and your family to be safe on the road and the water. I look forward to seeing you at the Pecan Grove Marina. If you have any questions, please get with me.

All my best to you and your family.
Don the Dockmaster

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