Hello Captains:

Thank you for the warm welcome as I have been meeting you around the marina.

It has been an enduring winter which caused us to shut off the water to the docks earlier than anticipated; but like you, I look forward to warmer weather and fun days on the water. Until then, I am keeping a vigilant watch on our boats and continue to work with Lee and John on projects around the marina.

By the way, there is convenient recycling behind the fire station to help our environmental consciences.

There may be some inconvenience for a few days due to our dredging project. Keep this in mind if you are planning to come down.

When the weather warms up, I will begin to monitor VHF ch16 (using 68 as a working channel) while in the office. However, you may want to put me in your phone contacts as I have my mobile on me almost always. My contact information is on my business card, please make sure to stop by and pick one up.

Please keep our basin clean and the fish happy! I will see you around the docks.

Dockmaster Don