As a teacher, I am still being taught.

Many of you know, I have picked up hunting over the past 6 years. More duck and dove hunting than anything else. But this year, I thought I would try deer hunting.

So I went and bought some orange so everyone could see me to the moon and back, some ammo, and a deer stand. I walked the woods until I found deer tracks and then I mounted my deer stand.

I came back a few days later on a Sunday afternoon to check on deer tracks and as I looked off into the distance, I saw someone using it. I started to yell out, "get out of my stand, there is no hunting on Sunday."

When I got closer, I decided that he could use it all he wanted. I decided right then and there to give up my idea of deer hunting. Hunting a "Grosvenor" is a rare breed and is Not in season. I plan to do more sailing until duck season comes in.

Hope to see you at the Pecan Grove Marina

Your Dockmaster

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